Answer : A hair follicle is a small root embedded in the epidermis out of which the hair grows.

Answer : A graft is the actual follicle that is implanted on a patient's scalp.

Answer : Hair can grow back if the hair follicle is not dead. In case of dead follicle hair can never grow back.

Answer : Hair transplant is a process of uprooting hair follicle from the unaffected area of the patient's scalp and planting it on the bald area to aid natural hair growth again.

Answer : Your previous case needs to be reviewed by one of our experts to see how your problem can be resolved.

Answer : Medications can help you control hair loss and stop it from expanding further, however if you intend to cover up your bald area, transplant is an effective and natural way of doing it.

Answer : Yes, you can get it done more than once to cover other balding areas too.

Answer : Hair taken for transplant is from the back of the head. This hair is immune to the hormonal effects that cause balding and hence when transplanted this type of hair are permanent and do not undergo hair loss as regular hair.

Answer : Hair transplant gives you back your natural hair covering the bald areas. If undertaken at an early stage the results can be very encouraging.

Answer : Hair transplant results are permanent.

Answer : The hair transplant procedure takes around 4- 6 hours.

Answer : Recovery with FUE technique can heal the area from where the follicles have been extracted almost overnight and the area of implantation can take anyways between 10-20 days.

Answer : It takes around 5 - 6 months after surgery for transplanted hair to grow.

Answer : You should be able to see the results by 8 - 10 months after the transplant when hair grows to an average length.

Answer : No, if peels are used at regular intervals then it will never make your skin sensitive. For this assessment one needs to go to a professional centre having professionals for carrying out the procedure.

Answer : IAL system is a treatment for Cutaneous Bio revitalization with skin identical Hyaluronic acid i.e it restores the compromised level of Hyaluronic acid and cellular functions of skin like fibroblast, elastin and collagen activity in your skin..